Find Your People. Love Them Hard.

by Meghan Victoria


You sit down in your basement or bedroom or whatever hovel you’ve dedicated to grinding out your current project and you get on with it. And when you’re done, you celebrate with people who love you but who can never really understand the act of inking your soul onto a page. 

When I moved to Calgary nine years ago, I joined a writing class. I had been writing my whole life, had a minor in creative writing from the University of Dalhousie, but had never really committed myself to a writing community. In a city where I knew very few people (and honestly cried on the daily because I missed home), it was a way to get out of the house, to meet others who were doing something I loved. I never dreamed that this writing community would turn into an integral pillar of my life. But that’s exactly what it has become. 

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Don’t mention the Pandemic

by Olyn Ozbick

As you know I have spent heaps of time since March 11 sitting in on Zoom calls, teaching Zoom classes, meeting with colleagues on Zoom, and taking Zoom courses myself. The reason I am certain you know this, is because I am as certain that you, yourself, have had the exact same experience in your own connections with the world. 

And it’s all been great, right? A refreshing learning curve at first. A chance to see other faces during lockdown – my daughters for instance—finally. My writing colleagues—hallelujah. My students—hello again, yahoo! 

Now of course, it’s all simply, day-in-a-life stuff, post 3/11. 

Very recently I had a great Zoom opportunity, along with a group of writing colleagues, to meet a person who is legendary in the publishing word—because, wow, the connections we can now make via Zoom and internet. Ordinarily I would be chuffed to name this person, except that I’m going to disagree with them in this bit, so, you know… writerly self-preservation and all….

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The Negative Review

“There is no glory except straight

through your story.”


Rating: 1 out of 5.

This week marks the first negative review of my debut novel. I had mentally prepared myself for this moment. Of course it had to happen at some point. In fact, it should be a moment of pride that I’d managed to reach a wide enough audience to find a reader who didn’t enjoy the product I created…. painstakingly….with blood and tears. 

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